Moving to your Pot of Gold: Backpacking and Cyber Security

  As I slogged my way along the North Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, BC, a thought (or many) occurred to me.  Hence this blog post.   The trip was a solo-trip, 8-days with no resupply, active wildlife (bears), a ‘primitive’ trail, a very remote part of the world, and a challenge to me both physically […]

Satisfaction Brought Him Back….

  As the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the Cat, but Satisfaction Brought him Back…” For those of you that know me, I have always been curious.   Some call it a thirst for knowledge though I think it would be more accurate to say I have a craving for new experiences.   Lately, that drive for more […]

Covid and Comcast: The Perfect Hack

  Sometimes, real life shows you the true potential of ‘The Perfect Hack’. Last week, after a trip to San Diego, I woke up with cold like symptoms.  So, I took a Covid test on Wednesday and it was positive.  Fortunately, I am fully boosted so my illness was mild but regardless it was necessary […]

The Ever Present Now

  This week I had the privilege of spending some time with one of my very long-term friends who is truly a very good person and tragically, in the late stages of cancer.   While his time may be coming sooner than the rest of us, it was very much a sobering event in my life. […]

Katy, Bar the Door!

  You lock your front door, right?   Do you also lock the back door?   What about your windows?   Well – duh – of course you do, common sense requires you at least do the basics to protect your home and family. So, back to Katy.   Did you know the phrase “Katy, Bar the Door’ goes […]