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Get defense-in-depth security without sacrificing productivity.  The Aegis Secure solution has been designed and built to provide the highest degree of assurance that connected device communication is protected – all the time.  By leveraging virtualization techniques for connected devices, Aegis Secure greatly reduces attack surface and provides defense-grade embedded security that just works.  Our HTC A9 Secured by Aegis Secure is the first commercial device at a commercial price to hold the most certifications on the U.S. Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) list.


Customer Stories


U.S. Army, Cog and MSI

Cog and MSI are developing a dual persona mobile solution for the U.S. Army that will tunnel unclassified medical data shared between field medics and treatment facilities through a classified tactical network. Today’s medics on the battlefield communicate with remote medical personnel over classified networks, causing unclassified patient medical data to become classified. Declassifying the data at a medical treatment facility costs crucial time in the patient’s treatment.

The new embedded capability from Cog and MSI allows field medics to send life-saving data from a classified mobile device while keeping the data unclassified from end to end, eliminating critical declassification delays. In addition to gathering vital medical data from the battlefield, this capability will provide a two-way channel for telemedicine teams on unclassified networks to communicate in real time with combat medics on the battlefield.

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