Ultra Secure Mobility Products

The Modular Approach

Aegis leverages formally verified virtualization to underpin the high assurance security platform in Aegis products for government and enterprise customers. This gives Aegis a solution that unlocks the potential of your connected device, gaining defense-in-depth security, the isolation of key applications and drivers, proprietary signed images, all that is mathematically proven to do what it was designed to do.

R51 - Ultra Secure Mobility for your existing VPN and End-User Devices.

The Aegis R51 is the world’s most secure Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD) designed to supplement your existing VPN solution with a protocol break and firewall to bring additional layers to your existing device security. Designed to work with any platform or manufacturer (phone, tablet, PC) to protect organizations with an unparalleled level of data and system security with Cog Systems’ AnyNet™ solution that enables you to use the network and applications you want to run, safely and securely.

Security Protections

  • Separation Kernel Protection
  • Multiple VMs separate key functions
  • Optional Case with USB Mux separates admin, data, and power.
  • Non-Bypassable Protocol Break
  • Firewall controls access to User Device
  • Use as Hotspot or connect direct with USB

A51 - The Ultra Secure Mobile Device.

The Aegis A51 is the world’s most secure mobile device designed to seamlessly blend existing commercial devices with the best platform security available in the market today. This enables organizations to be protected with an unparalleled level of data and system security while leveraging Cog’s AnyApp™ solution that enables one to run the applications you want to run, safely and securely.

  • Non-Bypassable Full Disk Encryption
  • Non-Bypassable Nested VPNs
  • Isolated Key Store
  • Separation Kernel Protection
  • Secure Boot on Tamper Resistant Hardware
  • Secure OTA updates
  • US Government Certification-CSFC