The Aegis R51 ERD

Added layers (Firewall & Protocol Break) with a simple device you tether to your connected devices

The Aegis R51 is the world’s only secure Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD) designed to supplement your existing VPN per the latest requirements published with the MACP 2.5 standards. Its unique in that it provides a secure separation kernel, enabling MILS architectures that support applications with privacy and mutual distrust.


This is the only device available on the market today that is fully compliant with NIAP’s MACP 2.5 Standards.

  • Non-Bypassable Protocol Break
  • Firewall controls access to End User Device (EUD)
  • Connect Direct to EUD via USB
  • Admin / User Portal
  • Separation Kernel Protection – seL4
  • Secure Boot
  • Multiple Virtual Machines separate key functions
  • USB Mux separates admin, data, and power

Download the Data Sheet/Brochure