Ultra-Secure Mobile Products

Created for Government Agencies and Regulated Businesses

The World’s Most Ultra-Secure Connected Products

From the leaders in the cyber-security, Aegis Secure is proud to present a robust line-up of Ultra-Secure Mobile products for the government and enterprise markets. Aegis Secure is a US Based company with a deep heritage in taking commercial devices and modifying them through bare-metal virtualization to deliver the world’s most secure connected devices through our partnership with Cog Systems.

Our Approach

Aegis Secure focuses on securing the kernel, data, and network as the baseline to our approach. It is our view that our approach is the most robust and cost-effective method of delivering products that meet the demand of the Ultra-Secure Mobility™ market.

  • By using a foundational approach that leverages type-1 virtualization, assured through formal methods, Aegis Secure builds in a defense-in-depth resilience that includes an architecture that is layered, isolated, and modular.
  • This approach also allows Aegis Secure to extend to further isolate specific applications, operating systems, or services to further our objective of a true commercial Ultra-Secure Mobility™ product.
  • The Whitepaper below provides a deep-dive into the methodology that Aegis has used to build the first truly, Ultra-Secure Mobile Phone for the market.

The Defense In Depth Approach

Leveraging Hardware, Type-1 Virtualization, Formal Methods, and many other industry standard industry security tools to create a robust security profile against most any type of attack.


Governments, Defense Agencies & Enterprises

Aegis is the industry leader when it comes to providing governments, their trusted integrators, or enterprises in deploying secure connected devices for mission specific use cases.

Offering ultra-secure, hyper-productive connected devices

Whether you are looking to protect your remote workers, virtual employees by adding ‘best in class’ security practices, Aegis has the products and support you need to assure you’re protected AND productive.