At Cog, we recognize that diversity and inclusion are values critical to our success and future innovation.  We need to ensure that our team represents a diversity of thought, experience and personal background. We are a company of builders, leaders, owners — who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to innovation on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience. We are working to develop leaders and shape future talent pools to help us meet the needs of our customers around the world.

Cog is a young (stealthy) start-up company.   We create, license, and integrate products and technology for building the next generation of connected mobile, IoT, and embedded devices.   This is where cyber security matters – in every connected device.

Are you excited by an opportunity to join a team to not just work, but to be part of a company creating exciting cyber security, mobile and embedded software products and services? If so, apply now!

DevOps Lead & IT Admin

We are looking for a world-class DevOps pro with experience building and deploying DevOps tools for automation – Continuous Integration / Regression System / Software Distribution / Software Deployment.

Software Engineer — Customer-facing

Cog is hiring a Customer-Facing Software Engineer in Chicago, United States. At Cog, We Secure IoT.  Cog is a young  cyber-security software product company with amazing products and technology.  We work with device makers all over the world, to help them build in better security, resiliency and functional richness into their next generation connected mobile, IoT, and […]