Cog Systems

“At Cog Systems we embed Security by Default, so our customers can focus on delivering best-in-class device performance and usability with the assurance of world class security.”


We Secure IoT.

To achieve this objective, we enable the concepts of modularity with the fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, robustness, fault tolerance, and adaptability.

To provide these features, we leverage technology such as virtualization, formal methods, and 'best in class' 3rd party solutions to deliver a holistic solution that both secures and unlocks the full potential of your device.

How You Benefit

Completely Secure

A secure approach
to the entire IoT Ecosystem
with our D4 Secure Products.

Completely Secure

Providing deep device protection
and secure communication
for the Integration of Things.

Completely Secure

Embedded software solutions built on virtualization and formal methods for best in class results.

Completely Secure

A modular approach
to your connected devices
architecture unlocks the
full potential of your endpoint.


We firmly believe in practical solutions and measurable results.

Development of a common Secure SDK for all connected devices

  • Versatile shared device driver and communication framework.
  • Extensive support for trustworthy communication within a device, and between devices.
  • Extensive multi-OS and OS-agnostic support.
  • Extensive distributed computing support including migration.
  • Rich APIs for creating, destroying, migrating, and managing components such as VMs.
  • Virtualization and Componentization.
  • Utilize Formal methods for Assurance from chipset to code - Mathematically proven to be correct support across chipsets.
These form the foundation for a rich IoT platform and ecosystem Cog Systems will provide. We believe they are essential components for developing secure, high assurance platforms that are built leveraging Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS).


Over many years, our team has obtained deep experience in OS design, embedded systems,  and security. In fact, our founders designed and developed much of the OKL4 Microvisor, eChronos RTOS, and related technologies. We have a broad base of computing knowledge and a particular expertise in the mobile and embedded systems space. We’ve individually worked with many clients, working collaboratively to deliver top notch solutions that consistently exceed all expectations.

We look forward to working with you