Cog Systems and the US DOD collaborate to build an Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD)

Cog Systems and the US DOD collaborate to build an Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD)

The ERD Enhances VPN Security with Protocol Break and Firewall Layers

Connected devices make life easier for millions of people worldwide. They also make it easier for malicious hackers to get their hands on sensitive data, or worse.   Together Cog Systems and the US DOD have built a commercial, easy to use Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD) that adds two layers of security for end user devices to improve their Defense in Depth security posture.  The ERD works with any wireless carrier or Wi-Fi network and with mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

Cog Systems and the US DOD have collaborated to build the only fully compliant device available today, per the latest guidelines for Commercial Solutions for Classified from NIST (specifically from Mobile Access Capability Package 2.5), for use by the US Government.  The added security of a VPN has become a minimum requirement for protecting networked devices from cyberthreats.  However, for government and enterprise-focused applications, the bare minimum just won’t do.

Layered security systems are much more effective at protecting networked devices from unwanted intrusion. On top of the VPN, the ERD enables the local user to add the following to their end user devices: 1) a Protocol Break that sanitizes the dataflow going in, reducing the threat from malicious attachments, and ensuring only clean data reaches your connected device; and 2) a Firewall that can be tuned to only accept data from known IP addresses, and block data from any other addresses before it gets to your connected device.

The increased use of connected devices by employees to connect to their government or enterprise applications has long been a quandary for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).   “It is a distinct honor for all of the employees of Cog to work with the US DOD to develop a device that makes layered security available to the market, says Carl L. Nerup, CEO of Cog Systems, and building a world-class, ultra-secure, commercial device that makes all of us more secure is a giant step forward for the entire market.”  The ERD adds that necessary addition of two additional layers of security with an easy and portable solution that CISOs can immediately deploy for their employees, especially for work from home employees.  

The ERD is built on an isolated and modular architecture, using Cog Systems’ Virtual Mobile Device SDK, and the formally verified type-1 virtualization. Discrete Virtual Machines running on the Type-1 Hypervisor keep critical processes secure, enabling MILS architectures that support applications with privacy and mutual distrust.

Cog Systems has partnered with Aegis Secure for the commercialization and distribution of the ERD, branded as the Aegis R51.  The Aegis R51 is the world’s most secure Enhanced Retransmission Device (ERD) available to the commercial market today. To purchase this device, or for more information, visit


Cog, the solution for securing IoT, has been preparing for the revolution in connected device architecture since 2014. The traditional architecture of IoT and smart devices creates a massive attack surface, forcing security policy to accept high risk, restricted access, which poses a burden on users. By coupling the same modularity techniques used in cloud computing with the fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, robustness, and adaptability to enable highly secure connected devices, Cog proactively delivers the assurance of defense-grade security for world governments, defense organizations, and corporate enterprises. In addition, the company now offers the first secure smartphone with the most certifications on the U.S. Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) list.