D4 Secure is a revolutionary platform for the next generation of connected smart devices. By leveraging D4 Secure; platform security, device management, and other rich services are taken care of so that you do not have to – letting you build the next cool thing.  The architecture leverages Type 1 Virtualization to split the gateway device functions into multiple virtual machines (VMs) to allow for greater operational integrity, more granular system control, and a reduced attack surface.  Various rules of operation govern the interactions across functional areas and between virtual machines.  These rules ensure that the system functions in very specific ways.

Project Golden Gate is a prebuilt secure platform available for download.   The features include:  isolated DIT (VPN), isolated router cell, controlled storage and isolated userland (System OS, i.e. OpenHAB/KODI/GreenGrass).

Project Golden Gate hardens your operating systems and applications from the outside.   This begins with D4 Secure’s virtualization technology that enables us to bring a defense-in-depth approach to protecting and locking down the storage, network, and OS from common threats.

Project Golden Gate is a great starting point for developers that seek to build better security into their products.   The roadmap for Project Golden Gate will continuously deliver new features and capabilities with a strong focus on security and rich features that are transparent and easy to use.

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