The Aegis Secure platform is targeted at the next generation of security for connected smart devices. By leveraging the Aegis Secure solution; platform security, device management, and other rich services are taken care of so that you do not have to – letting you build the next cool thing.

A gateway device could be an Enhanced Re-transmission Device (ERD) where you provide a distinct level of isolation for an end user device from the ever present ‘dirty’ networks that are constantly trying to attach to your end user device.   Another example is to leverage virtualization to create a Remote Persona device that would also connect to your end user device.  This solution further isolates your end user device from remote sessions, ‘dirty’ networks, or provides a mechanism to obfuscate certain functions one could leverage on an end user device by using another form factor.   Naturally, you could design your gateway to provide isolation to the myriad of data access across wither your personal, public, or business network.

The architecture leverages Type 1 Virtualization to split the gateway device functions into multiple virtual machines (VMs) to allow for greater operational integrity, more granular system control, and a reduced attack surface.  Various rules of operation govern the interactions across functional areas and between virtual machines.  These rules ensure that the system functions in very specific ways.

The Aegis R51 is built on an approach that leverages layered security systems that are much more effective at protecting networked devices from unwanted intrusion. On top of the VPN, the ERD enables the local user to add the following to their end user devices: 1) a Protocol Break that sanitizes the dataflow going in, reducing the threat from malicious attachments, and ensuring only clean data reaches your connected device; and 2) a Firewall that can be tuned to only accept data from known IP addresses, and block data from any other addresses before it gets to your connected device.

To get your hands on an example of the Aegis R51 ERD to see how we leverage virtualization in an easy to use solution – feel free to go to our Aegis line of products to see a product that you can order as a proof point of our success.

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