Another day, another exploit

Many of the devices we use today, particularly those built using Android and Linux are essentially monolithic systems.  They have a huge set of APIs and a massive code base, and while this is great for functionality, it makes them prone to successful attack. To mitigate the threat of attack, a lot of effort has […]

Introducing the OKL4 Ironvisor – the new secure platform standard

The OKL4 Microkernel and Microvisors have for a long time been trusted to run many high security and high reliability systems. Not to mention being deployed in over a billion mobile phones. OKL4 has become synonymous with secure and trusted systems. The OKL4 Ironvisor is our latest and most secure Separation Kernel and Hypervisor to […]

Car Hacking Shouldn’t Be Easy

The recent WIRED article by Andy Greenberg – HACKERS REMOTELY KILL A JEEP ON THE HIGHWAY—WITH ME IN IT, highlights the disregard for security by some manufactures in the rush to implement features and bring online connected technology to market. This type of hack is both a canary for what is coming, and at the […]