Satisfaction Brought Him Back….

Satisfaction Brought Him Back….


As the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the Cat, but Satisfaction Brought him Back…”

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For those of you that know me, I have always been curious.   Some call it a thirst for knowledge though I think it would be more accurate to say I have a craving for new experiences.   Lately, that drive for more experiences has pushed me to not just explore new things or activities but to add a mental component to those experiences that allow me to test the fortitude of my mental strength and endurance.

By way of an example, winning a pickleball game is way more fun for me after I rally from being down by 5 points or more.   The win is mostly moot for me, but that I dug in and won by coming from behind is what gives me the Satisfaction to keep coming back.

The cyber security industry offers a myriad of ideas to help the curious, but in the end none of us in the industry can promise that you will not be compromised (aka dead as a cat).   But, how to get to that elusive place of Satisfaction?

Continue to be curious.  Push harder.  Add the mental component to further enhance your Satisfaction.  Add these extra foundations to your requirements for solving your next problem beyond just buying a product, but by crafting a product for you and your business.

By way of an example, we had a customer who came to us that did not want to settle by just adding some software to their existing mobile devices, but asked if we could design and build a new mobile device from the ground up in the USA.  The customer was curious.  The customer pushed. We figured it out.  It was hard.  This is what creates that strong sense of Satisfaction that keeps us coming back for our customers.   The fact that it was a very hard problem to solve brought even provided that extra mental test that I seem to crave more and more in my life.

So, do you have a hard problem?

Are you curious as to whether the cyber security community can solve that problem?

Then call me.   Call Cog Systems.    Especially as trying to solve that problem seems to be our sweet spot that gives us all the Satisfaction to keep coming back.

Thank you.