Ultra-Secure Mobility™: The Three Planks

Ultra-Secure Mobility™: The Three Planks

The Ultra-Secure Mobility™ product has been a market need forever in demand by discerning customers that require a scalable, user friendly, and affordable product. At Cog Systems, the standard by which we measure success in this category of Ultra-Secure Mobility™ rests on three planks that fulfill a combination of the following: 1) high assurance, certified security; 2) end-user defined privacy; and 3) a top-notch user experience. Bonus points if it can be delivered on a commercial device that allows for both the obfuscation of the capabilities embedded and at a reasonable price point.

Some past and present build attempts to address this need for an Ultra-Secure Mobility™ product resulted in bespoke devices that rely on security through obscurity, using proprietary hardware and software components from the handset manufacturer. These attempts often lead to transparency issues related to chain of trust, dubious privacy, and almost certainly a clunky user experience. Even in the mass market, where mainstream device manufactures deliver on the user experience by leveraging the Android ecosystem, they often do not support the latest versions of Android or security patches and certainly do not even acknowledge privacy as a basic tenant of their delivery. Whether through bespoke or mainstream devices, the market is left wanting for a true Ultra-Secure Mobility™ solution.

It is our view at Cog Systems, that customers should not have to rely on point solutions that deliver security through obscurity or privacy through open inspection, however, but rather on a defense-in-depth resilience that includes an architecture that is layered, isolated, and modular, with hardened commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software.

Cog Systems is developing a commercial, Ultra-Secure Mobility™ product by building on a foundational approach that leverages type-1 virtualization using formal methods resulting in never-before-seen security, privacy, and a superb user experience – all maintained with three years of guaranteed security patches and android updates.

At Cog, we do not, and will not, compromise in our effort to deliver on the full premise of the ultra-secure mobility promise. It is our view that our approach is the most robust and cost-effective method of delivering the long-awaited solution to the Ultra-Secure Mobility™ segment.