The Cybersecurity Cake

The Cybersecurity Cake

Defense in Depth is as synonymous to cybersecurity as frosting is to cake.

So, indulge me. It is your birthday, good on you for making it another year around the sun and to celebrate most folks would normally hope for a cake. If it is my house, you even get to pick what type of cake you want to help celebrate your special day. Now, it is the big day with your family and friends and out comes your celebratory dessert – a sheet cake. Be honest, you are still glad to get a cake (better than a bag of Twizzlers) but a sheet cake?

Yes, you are disappointed because if you are truly honest you were hoping for a layer cake. A robust three-layer cake with candles on top burning bright. Why the three-layer cake? The extra frosting protecting the three layers of stupendously tasty cake in between make all the difference. This is the difference between simply meeting the requirement and exceeding it.

So, if we stretch this overly simplistic analogy to your organization’s cybersecurity approach for your connected devices – a VPN is the sheet cake. A sheet cake should not be the extent of the cybersecurity approach for your employee’s connected devices (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop).

Defense in Depth is a layer cake. You deserve a layer cake. The world demands it for the protection of your privacy and critical data.

Let’s add some layers to your Defense in Depth approach for your connected devices. The VPN is the bottom layer, a Firewall is the middle layer, and a Protocol Break is the top layer. Now wrap it in an easy to configure admin/ user interface for frosting and you have delivered on the promise. You deserve it.

Aegis Secure

To meet this need, Aegis Secure is now making a world class Enhanced Retransmission device (ERD) to give you the top two layers to your Defense in Depth protection for your connected devices. In collaboration with Cog Systems, Aegis Secure is now offering a commercial ERD that gives you those added layers (Firewall & Protocol Break) with a simple device you tether to your connected devices to bring these added security features local to the end user.

You deserve it, you need it, and if you are honest with yourself – you want it.  You want the Enhanced Retransmission Device for your connected devices. Just like you want a layer cake for your big day.

Happy Birthday.

Ping Aegis Secure to get your Layer Cake and realize Defense in Depth for yourself and everyone in your company.