Katy, Bar the Door!

Katy, Bar the Door!


You lock your front door, right?   Do you also lock the back door?   What about your windows?   Well – duh – of course you do, common sense requires you at least do the basics to protect your home and family.

So, back to Katy.   Did you know the phrase “Katy, Bar the Door’ goes back to 1437 with the Scottish King James I?   Turns out the King was in Perth and a few of his more discontented subjects wanted to have a word.  Tragically, the room that King James was in had a door that was missing a locking bar.  The story goes that Catherine Barlass tried to save him by barring the door with her arm. Her arm was broken, and the mob murdered the King. Hence, the term the ‘lass that barred the door‘ was born and commemorated in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s poem The King’s Tragedy in 1881.

In this case, we treat VPNs as the lock for the front door of our connected devices.  But, what about the back door, or your windows?  Remember there is always an angry mob coming for your device.

So, “Katy bar the front door, the back door, and the windows!”   This is an overly simple analogy for leveraging defense in depth – just in case someone tries to breach one of your many entry points.  You sure do not want your laptop to suffer the same fate as the Scottish King.

Use your VPN, but then add a Protocol Break, and a Firewall.  Now we have protected three potential threat vectors to your connected device.   Is this enough?  No, but what do you think your insurance agent might say if you failed to only lock your front door?  Heck, what would Katy say?

Aegis Secure is now making a world class Enhanced Retransmission device (ERD) to give you a way to lock the back door and windows as part of your Defense in Depth protection for your connected devices (a VPN is the front door).   In collaboration with Cog Systems, Aegis Secure is now offering a commercial ERD that gives you a Firewall & Protocol Break through a simple 2” square device you tether to your connected devices to bring these added security features to your end user device.

Aegis Secure helps you bar the doors and windows, in partnership with your VPN.

In honor of Katy, let Aegis Secure help you bar the doors and windows.  Ping www.aegis51.com to help you realize Defense in Depth for yourself and everyone in your company.