Insights from ET Exchange

Insights from ET Exchange

To say ET Exchange was informative, highly educational and galvanizing would be an understatement. Several of us from the Cog team attended the event a couple weeks ago and were impressed with the caliber of networking, presenters and content.

Since Cog Systems specializes in cybersecurity, we found it inspiring that security was consistently part of the conversation and referred to as a foundational element of digital transformation throughout the show.

Key take aways include:

  • We had the pleasure of speaking with Jack Madden, executive editor of, about new security threats and defenses currently available to enterprise and government. “The S in IoT stands for security,” he joked. But as the world is finding, it is virtually an afterthought, which Jack covers in his thorough round up of the event in a recent blog post.
  • Christine Ferrusi Ross, an expert at understanding and solving customer problems, delivered an educational session on the controversial yet revolutionary Blockchain technology. Christine talked about how decentralization and self-sovereign identity control are some of the key outcomes of Blockchain technology. It puts individuals at the center of their data ownership with full control over our identity and share as we desire, while providing the necessary layers of security via the decentralization of all the data.
  • Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, delivered a thoughtful discussion on the approach to enterprise digital transformation today and what it takes for IT leaders to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Joe Weinman, founder of XFORMA shared four stages or “Digital Disciplines” to create customer value and enable competitive advantage. These include: information excellence to complement operational excellence, solution leadership, collective intimacy and accelerated innovation. We definitely plan on learning more about these insights from the book he wrote on the topic.
  • Our very own Dr. Daniel Potts participated in Bob Egan’s panel that focused on digital transformation and what it will look like in 2020.
    In addition to these valuable learnings, nGage customer attendees named Cog Systems’ D4 Secure as Best Overall Digital Transformation Solution and also nominated Cog as a Vendor to Watch.

There’s no doubt that society as we know it is experiencing the next pivot in technology equivalent to the industrial revolution. While the future remains unknown, we appreciate the opportunity to be part of the conversation.
Thanks nGage for a great event!