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HTC, Secured by D4

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Introducing Secured by D4 – NOW AVAILABLE

The Premium trusted mobile security platform for all government and enterprise customers.  Now available on HTC.

D4 Secure Mobile vastly exceeds all solutions for Enterprise Secure Mobility today, while mimicking customers’ existing business processes today.   Easy and known, the HTC, Secured by D4 product is the new standard for secure mobile.

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HTC, Secured by D4 is an ultra secure phone platform with enhanced storage encryption, always on non-bypassable VPN with support for double VPN (including IPSec) and enterprise VPN management. D4 Secure Mobile connects to your on-prem or cloud infrastructure using the most secure hypervisor protected VPN technology available.

Reclaim Productivity.  Reclaim Privacy.

Protecting organizations and their users with an unparalleled level of data and system security that enables you to run the applications you want to run, safety and securely.   But do it all on the World’s Most Secure Mobile Device.

The Modular Approach.

The practical applications of the solution unlock the potential of your mobile device, while gaining defense-in-depth security.

  • Non-Bypassable Full Disk Encryption
  • Non-Bypassable VPN
  • Nested VPNs
  • Isolated Key Store
  • Separation Kernel Protection
  • Secure Boot
  • US Government NIAP Certification complete for CSfC, MDF PP, VPN PP, under evaluation for FDE PP.

Commercial Offer

Cog Systems is currently offering our “HTC, Secured by D4” secure mobile product and is making available a beginning on February 27, 2016 as a commercial offer.

The primary objective of the our device is your satisfaction.   As such, we measure you satisfaction according to the following categories for the HTC, Secured by D4 device.

  • Features – The feature supplied with the device for secure communications meet the expectations.
  • Usability – Ease of use and seamlessness of the device.
  • Reliability – The device, both hardware and software is reliable and meets the users requirements.
  • Secure Attributes – The secure capability meets the expected level of security for the application.
  • Performance – the device performance meets or exceeds expectations for the application.

The HTC, Secured by D4 handset includes the following:

  • HTC One A9 SIM-Unlocked Device
  • HTC Commercial Android in Single-Persona configuration
  • OKL4 Separation Kernel (virtualization)
  • Isolated Non-Bypassable outer VPN
  • Supports Nested inner VPN
  • Isolated Key Store
  • Simple System MDM
  • CSfC Certification process started

D4 Secure Mobile – Architecture


Architecture Components

  • Segregated full disk encryption – leveraging hardware protected AES algorithms.
  • Non-Bypassable VPN Configuration – forcing all voice and data traffic through a VPN – eliminating the need for a MDM, allowing for full audit capability, and enabling internet access control.
  • Nested VPNs – enabling two, separate and distinct VPN clients on the device for double encryption – the ‘Gold Standard’ of data in transit protection.
  • Isolated Key Store – isolating the Key Store so that it is never accessible to the Android OS.
  • Secure Entropy Engine – isolating the random key number generator so that it is protected from Android OS attacks.
  • Government Certification – Designed for use beyond CSfC – but still commercial.

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