US Army Taps Cog and Management Sciences Inc. to Deliver Mobile Security Systems to Medics

Prototype will be designed to maintain NSA-approved separation between classified tactical data and unclassified medical data, eliminating declassification delays to save time and lives

US Army Taps Cog and Management Sciences Inc. to Deliver Mobile Security Systems to Medics

and Management Sciences Inc. (MSI) today announced a contract with the U.S. Army and Defense Health Agency to develop a prototype multilevel
security (MLS) capability on tactical mobile devices. The contract is part of the U.S. Army’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Cog and MSI are developing a dual persona mobile solution that will tunnel unclassified medical data shared between field medics and
treatment facilities through a classified tactical network. Today’s medics on the battlefield communicate with remote medical personnel over
classified networks, causing unclassified patient medical data to become classified. Declassifying the data at a medical treatment facility costs
crucial time in the patient’s treatment.

The new embedded capability from Cog and MSI allows field medics to send life-saving data from a classified mobile device while keeping the data
unclassified from end to end, eliminating critical declassification delays. In addition to gathering vital medical data from the
battlefield, this capability will provide a two-way channel for telemedicine teams on unclassified networks to communicate in real time
with combat medics on the battlefield.

“The U.S. Army wants to improve patient care and survival rates with this new solution designed to accurately process patient data through a
secure mobile device,” said Peter Blemel, MSI’s Principal Investigator on the program. “Real-time delivery of patient data to medical personnel
eliminates the need to declassify information, which currently can take hours or even days.”

Cog’s modularity based D4 Secure Platform technology will be used to isolate classified versus unclassified data.

“At Cog, we like to think about the seed of change that our new mobile technologies can bring to improve the care of our warriors in the U.S.
military,” said Carl L. Nerup, CMO and co-Founder of Cog. “Going to a mobile process in a secure manner is a critical leap forward that will
save lives and improve care, and we are proud to be part of this effort.”


About Management Sciences Inc. (MSI)

MSI is a research and development company with 40+ years of experience developing software and hardware to support the needs of industry and
government for sensors and intranets in the areas of prognostic health management, situation awareness, signals intelligence, AI, safety and embedded systems. MSI products provide vital information for understanding the quality, safety, reliability, maintainability and
ownership risks of equipment, systems or configurations to protect the lives of personnel on the ground and in the air.

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Cog, the solution for securing IoT, has been preparing for the revolution in connected device architecture since 2014. The traditional architecture of IoT and smart devices creates a massive attack surface, forcing security policy to accept high risk, restricted access, which poses a burden on users. By coupling the same modularity techniques used in cloud computing with the fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, robustness, and adaptability to enable highly secure connected devices, Cog proactively delivers the assurance of defense-grade security for world governments, defense organizations, and corporate enterprises. In addition, the company now offers the first secure smartphone with the most certifications on the U.S. Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) list.