Cog Systems Joins GSA IoT Security Working Group

Cog Systems Joins GSA IoT Security Working Group

Dedicated to IoT Best Practices, Influencing Security Requirements and Addressing the Latest IoT Threats and Attacks

CHICAGO (Jan. 16, 2019) — Cog, maker of the world’s most secure IoT security solutions, today announced the company has been accepted into the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) IoT Security Working Group.

The GSA IoT Security Working Group was established to address end-to-end issues in IoT Security. It is comprised of various IoT ecosystem security stakeholders including chipset vendors, platform companies, cloud vendors and service providers. The goal is to promote best practices on IoT Security, share information on threats and attacks, define security requirements and inform standards bodies. It is also an opportunity for GSA members and partners to influence the requirements for security that get passed to all participants in the value and supply chains.

“We’re facing multiple factors that contribute to the ever increasing IoT threats and need to work with companies big and small that best understand this evolving environment and will be collaborating on establishing a common ground for security requirements and approach that benefits all players in the IoT ecosystem,” said Shrikant Lohokare, Ph.D., Global Vice President & Executive Director, GSA. “We selected Cog based on their knowledge and experience of architectures and best security practices that will contribute to protecting the growing IoT industry.”

Cog’s D4 Secure platform leverages modularity via virtualization to isolate critical functions and services on connected devices. This approach proactively secures IoT devices by reducing the attack surface and increases reliability by eliminating single points of failure. The solution embeds the additional security features of double encryption, non-bypassable VPNs, nested VPNs, and secure boot to protect the kernel, data, and network on the device. The system can scale linearly and infinitely, thus reducing bottlenecks and preserving performance. All of this is available for the IoT, mobile and gateway commercial markets with the flexibility to run any and all applications effectively and securely.

“What a great opportunity to collaborate and learn with the best in the industry,” said Carl Nerup, Cog Chief Marketing Officer. “While IoT matures, so do the threats and attacks that impact consumers and business globally. We are honored to be a part of this working group and look forward to joining forces to address the challenges that lie ahead.”


Cog, the solution for securing IoT, has been preparing for the revolution in connected device architecture since 2014. The traditional architecture of IoT and smart devices creates a massive attack surface, forcing security policy to accept high risk, restricted access, which poses a burden on users. By coupling the same modularity techniques used in cloud computing with the fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, robustness, and adaptability to enable highly secure connected devices, Cog proactively delivers the assurance of defense-grade security for world governments, defense organizations, and corporate enterprises. In addition, the company now offers the first secure smartphone with the most certifications on the U.S. Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) list.