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Got Qualcomm Snapdragon chips? Secure the edge with Cog

Cog’s software is embedded into Qualcomm chips

Cog exists to make foundational security for edge devices the norm, rather than best practice. Secure the edge, and innovate through our high-performance virtualization capability.

In 2019, Cog has partnered with Qualcomm to embed our software into Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips, including the recently launched Snapdragon 855.

The partnership gives connected device makers access to defence-grade security that doesn’t compromise performance with Cog’s virtualized modular security technology: D4 Secure.

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D4 Secure is a security and virtualization platform for IoT and smartphones with uncompromised performance and flexibility.

Cog’s virtualization enables end-point innovation through modularity, while making devices safer and harder to compromise by supporting the separation and isolation of critical device functions across multiple, extensively defended virtual machines. It uses bare-metal virtualization, which sits beneath a device’s operating system thereby shrinking the available attack surface significantly.

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D4 Secure is available for activation in Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 855 and future chips, along with a set of legacy SnapDragon chips already in the market.  Cog also works directly with enterprises and device makers to use our D4 Secure platform, including world-leading security companies.

Why foundational security is critical for IoT

IoT has enormous potential but true innovation – the kind that brings us truly autonomous cars and breakthrough robotics – has been held back by the major security issues facing the industry.

The traditional architecture of IoT and smart devices creates a monolithic and massive attack surface, forcing you to either accept high risk or create restrictive security policies that reduce productivity and inhibit use.

Most of the work in IoT security has been focused on solving specific problems. For example, encrypted and secure apps are important, but if a device itself is compromised or vulnerable, their security benefits are minimal. These kind of solutions are needed but are effectively symptoms of a much bigger problem: the lack of foundational security in IoT devices.

No product is truly secure without foundational security. Cog makes this possible for connected edge devices.

We know from the history of computers and smartphones that hacks, bugs, and viruses can and will cause huge issues for the IoT industry. But we also know from previous technologies that foundational security, such as the virtualisation of the cloud, is both possible and huge  breakthrough. Bare-metal virtualisation is the building block for foundational security. The complication with mobile and IoT is the software needs to be lean and light so it doesn’t impede performance so much it stops people from using it. A lot of existing virtualization solutions are very big in their code base and software, which not only impacts performance but the overhead on the device.  Cog, as the industry leader in virtualization, has solved this problem.

Security has too often been an afterthought for virtualisation tech so far, but for Cog it’s our core business – it’s embedded because you need both security and performance.

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