Cog Systems


The D4 Secure Product line is designed to meet the emerging needs of the discerning customer for solutions in the embedded systems market.

There are five main areas to our D4 Secure Products.

At the heart of our approach is a simple message – “We Secure IoT.”


D4 Secure SDK

Designed as a ‘jump-start’ kit, these SDKs have been pre-plumbed to meet the needs of particular verticals.  Cog Systems has been able to glean the best build of the SDK by vertical through the extensive work that we have done with our customers that has given us the insight to predict what would make the best combination of components in the SDK to meet the customer’s particular needs.

The SDK is not limited to what is included in the package today.   In fact, most of our customers will do some modification to the SDK to meet their particular use case – from minor to major changes.   This is the benefit of the SDK – it let’s you get started sooner building the solution you need for your customers, faster.

We have designed D4 Secure SDKs for the following verticals:

  • Mobile
  • Gateway
  • IoT/ Node
  • Automotive
  • Custom

The D4 Secure SDK can be purchased on either an Evaluation License or Production License.  If the customer starts with the Evaluation License and then moves to Production, Cog Systems would credit the previous payments against the cost of the Production License.


Secured by D4

Post the implantation of our D4 Secure SDK, our customers will begin to deploy their device to the market.   The best way for your end customers to know that you have built the world’s most secure architecture into your device, you may choose to use the ‘Secured by D4’ branding.  This is not a requirement, nor does in preclude anyone from leveraging our D4 Secure SaaS Products – but it is an easy trigger to enable your end customers to leverage the entire value of the D4 Secure Product ecosystem.

Cog Systems will also build select devices directly in collaboration with some OEMs.   These devices are designed to serve as a ‘Best in Class’ example of the full capabilities of what a close partnership between Cog Systems and the OEM can develop for the market.   At this point, we have our first product available to the market on a trial basis only.

  • HTC A9, Secured by D4 – The World’s Most Secure Phone.  Yes, we know that you have heard this many times – but we don’t advertise it – we just deliver it to the market.   Already in use by many of the world’s most discerning government agencies and enterprise customers, feel free to contact Cog Systems if you have interest in procuring your own set of devices.


D4 Secure Integration Support

While the D4 Secure SDK is designed to be easily integrated into your target device, there are some customers that may require additional integration support.   This support could range across a full range of requirements, including:

– Requirements Definition and Level of Effort Estimates

– Customization of the D4 Secure SDK to meet the unique requirements of your device.  This could include separation of drivers, adding unique security components, or creating unique configurations and user experiences as required by your use case.

– Staff Augmentation.   Maybe you just need a bit of help to deliver your project on time and under budget.


D4 Secure SaaS

Cog Systems has developed a series of products that provide on-going support to the baseline designs associated with the D4 Secure SDK.  These value added services allow our customers to deploy a ‘defense in depth’ device for consumption in the marketplace.

  • Cloud Mediation Service – As an added layer of security to our devices running our Secured by D4 architecture, Cog Systems offers both a cloud and premise based service to allow the end customer to manage access to / from the device via our non-bypassable VPN.  This service has been designed to work as intuitively as the current VPN backend service does today for any enterprise.
  • Enterprise Key Signing – With some OEMs, our customers may have the desire to insert their enterprise into the boot sequence.  This is a service that Cog Systems that can provide either lock single / multiple virtual machines or the entire device to a specific enterprise customer.


D4 Secure Customer Support

Cog Systems offers on-going support to our customers to ensure that their end products continue to work as developed.   As part of our D4 Secure SDK, Cog Systems includes a level of basic support.   However, some of our customers require more extensive support.  We provide that support in the following two ways:

  • D4 Secure Extended Support
  • D4 Secure Dedicated Support