Cog Systems

D4 Secure Discovery Service

The Cog Systems Discovery Service gives you access to a Cog expert for face to face exploration of your technical needs. We will work with you to explore your problems and requirements, and can offer unique and tailored solutions. You are free to control the agenda and to bring in your own experts to streamline the critical pre-sales negotiations period.


The primary objective of the Discovery Session is to meet with the customer and focus on the detailed requirements of the current program and the intended solution.  The following areas will be explored:

  • Understand Customer Problem Domain
  • Understand User Domain
  • Customer Understanding of D4 Secure Platform and Customization Options
  • Mature the Customer Requirements within the scope of the D4 Secure Platform
  • Explore Options for Addressing Customer Requirements using the D4 Secure Platform.


Cog Systems will develop a detailed Discovery Session Document related to the precise provision of a solution to the customer in accordance with the identified requirements.

What to expect

The workshop is typically two/three days long, with 3 two-hour sessions per day. The format can be tailored to your needs. The following is a sample 2 day timeline:

  • Day 1
    • Session 1 – Cog intro and product overview, Customer intro and project presentations
    • Session 2 – Technical discussions
    • Session 3 – Cog training presentations,
      Technical Q&A
  • Day 2
    • Session 1 – Training & getting started with evaluation license, Product demonstration
    • Session 2 – Presentation and discussion on possible solutions.
    • Session 3 – Business discussion

The workshop will conclude with a discussion of possible solutions in the final session. Cog will deliver a written Discovery Service Report, including technical details of Cog’s proposed solution and how best to use Cog technology, within 10 business days of conclusion of the workshop.

Flexibility to our customer’s needs is important. Cog offers use of its training location in Sydney, Australia, or we can arrange to bring the workshop to you at your own site allowing more of your engineering staff to get involved.

Services Available

We offer the following services which can be incorporated into the workshop:

  • Architecture design services
  • Solution integration advice
  • Technical training on Cog Systems products and licensed technologies
  • Evaluation license and hands-on getting started support.
  • Product design assistance
  • Deployment advice