Cog Systems

D4 Secure Integration Services

The D4 Secure SDK is designed to be easily integrated into your target device, however, there are some customers that may require additional integration support.  

Cog Systems has experts fluent in embedded systems and embedded virtualization. We can help our customers with integration support, driver writing and platform porting, and related contract software development. Whether it is low-level bootloader, standalone C applications, real-time OS, Linux or high-level software such as Android, we can help.

This support could range across a full range of requirements, including:

  • Requirements Definition and Level of Effort Estimates.
  • Customization of the D4 Secure SDK to meet the unique requirements of your device.  This could include separation of drivers, adding unique security components, or creating unique configurations and user experiences as required by your use case.
  • Staff Augmentation.   Maybe you just need a bit of help to deliver your project on time and under budget.

Cog also provides consulting design services for your embedded systems product development.