Cog Systems

D4 Secure SDK

Cog Systems builds the world’s most robust and secure ARM based Connected Devices available in the market.

The focus behind our solution is simple:

1.   A value-added SDK that works across all connected devices.

2.  Focus on the ARM enabled devices only.

3.  Unlock and Secure the potential of the whole ecosystem.

4.  The foundation of the SDK is based on Formal Methods and Type 1 Virtualization technology, with a SaaS component.


High Level View of the D4 Secure Platform

As you will note, by beginning with the D4 Secure Platform, Cog Systems brings significant experience and competence in developing the entire stack associated with the final output – the D4 Secure SDK.   This requires that Cog Systems be more than just a hypervisor company.   We have expertise in the following layers to enable us to build ‘Best in Class’ SDKs to meet the needs of our customers.    This experience is inclusive of the following:

  • Virtualization, microkernels, and microvisors
  • Cross environment APIs that enable the SDK to talk to other devices – securely – across the a full ecosystem of devices either owned or not by the customer deploying the D4 Secure SDK.
  • Formal Methods – One of the most critical and differentiating areas in our skill set at Cog Systems.   Sure, it may be secure – but can you prove it, mathematically?
  • Driver Splits – Some device drivers Cog Systems may have already verified against formal methods, but the requirement may still be to extract other drivers into their own separate virtual machines to ensure the integrity of the device.
  • Trusted Services – this list can be as long as one may desire, but Cog Systems brings particular expertise in encryption, VPN, entropy, key stores, and attestation.
  • RTOS – Cog Systems baseline of experience into operating systems enables us to work with our own internally developed OS or any 3rd party OS that the customer may choose to leverage in their particular embedded design.
  • Certification – It would be difficult to work on building secure embedded systems without a complete understanding of the key certification bodies and standards governing the market today.


The D4 Secure Platform serves as the baseline to begin the building of our D4 Secure SDKs and has been pre-plumbed to meet the needs of particular verticals.   The SDK is not limited to what is included in the package today.   In fact, most of our customers will do some modification to the SDK to meet their particular use case – from minor to major changes.   This is the benefit of the SDK – it let’s you get started sooner building the solution you need for your customers, faster.

We have designed D4 Secure SDKs for the following verticals:

  • Mobile
  • Gateway
  • IoT/ Node
  • Automotive
  • Custom

The D4 Secure SDK can be purchased on either an Evaluation License or Production License.  If the customer starts with the Evaluation License and then moves to Production, Cog Systems would credit the previous payments against the cost of the Production License.