Cog Systems

D4 Secure SaaS

Cog Systems has developed a series of products that provide on-going support to the baseline designs associated with the D4 Secure SDK.  These value-added services allow our customers to deploy a ‘defense in depth’ device for consumption in the marketplace.

  • Cloud Mediation Service – As an added layer of security to our devices running our Secured by D4 architecture, Cog Systems offers both a cloud and premise based service to allow the end customer to manage access to / from the device via our non-bypassable VPN.  This service has been designed to work as intuitively as the current VPN backend service does today for any enterprise.
  • Enterprise Key Signing – With some OEMs, our customers may have the desire to insert their enterprise into the boot sequence.  This is a service that Cog Systems that can provide either lock single / multiple virtual machines or the entire device to a specific enterprise customer.