Cog Systems

D4 Secure Extended Support

Cog Systems will provide software support for the D4 Secure SDK. This support is intended to provide Tier 3 support personnel access to software support for the D4 Secure SDK only. This does not include support for the end customer, it is assumed the customer will be providing this. This service is provided under the following terms:

  • Tier 3 technical support for “Cog Software related issues for the D4 Secure SDK” – responding to customer Tier 2/3 support only
  • Software releases for defect corrections of severity 1 and 2 defects and Security Vulnerabilities only
  • Maximum of 2 releases per year, excluding Security Vulnerabilities
  • Debugging or isolation of troubles at Tier 3 (problem isolated to Cog Supplied Software)
  • Annual support on a per SDK basis – managed by Cog Systems support pool
  • Email Support System for trouble tickets submission and communication on resolution
  • Response times will be next business dayfor acknowledgement of trouble receipt, 48 hours for work around response or resolution timeline –
  • TARGET, Critical Software releases will be based upon agreed timelines.