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Meet the World’s Most Secure Smartphone by Cog Systems

SYDNEY, Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cog Systems, developer of the world’s most secure software platform for connected devices, has made the HTC One A9 the most secure smartphone on the market. It is now commercially available to government and enterprise customers. Cog Systems has a long heritage in designing and implementing ‘hardened’ mobile devices for […]

Cog Systems Named in APAC CIO Outlook Magazine’s Top 25 Most Promising Technology Start Ups in 2016

Since 2014, Cog Systems has focused on unlocking the full potential of connected devices by embedding defense grade security into their ARM based enterprise solutions. The company explores bare-metal virtualization solutions with its clients, helps determine the best virtualization kernel to meet their business requirements, then designs and implements the optimal solution. Products range from […]