Cog Systems

Company Overview

We Secure IoT. At Cog Systems our objective is to both build and enable the world’s most robust and secure connected devices.

We seek to build and evolve a new set of foundations built around the concepts of modularity with fundamentals of security, trustworthiness, robustness, fault tolerance, and adaptability.  To provide these features, we will leverage technology such as virtualization, and formal methods.   In order to achieve these goals, we will conduct R&D to develop the necessary technology, and importantly, these foundations will be productized in the form of Software Development Kits that support our goal of enabling others to build their own robust and secure connected devices.

Market Overview

The Internet of Things (anything connected to a network), is seeing a massive increase and acceleration of the number of devices connected to the internet, interacting, and communicating with one another.  These will have a dramatic impact on our daily lives, ultimately for the better.  Everything including lights, appliances, pacemakers, cars, mobile devices, etc, are all becoming connected and extending into our homes, workplaces, SCIFs, cities, and even our bodies.  In fact, as of 2016, they out number us today, and very soon these devices will outnumber every person on the planet at least 100 to 1.