Delivering higher assurance, flexibility and performance without compromise!

What we do

Cog Systems designs and develops solutions for the connected world and internet of things. Every day the internet is becoming more hostile. We at Cog believe that security and high assurance should be universal, and smart devices should be protected. Cog believes the best solutions shouldn't compromise on performance, flexibility or security.

Cog is well positioned to tackle the emerging trust and security challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) by using our advanced embedded virtualization technology. Let Cog help you protect your data at the network's edge.

What we Offer

We are a full-service software company who provide our customers with awesome products, expert advice, support and engineering services.

Our products and services include:

  • standalone ARM TrustZone Monitor
    • Cog Monitor is a new standards compliant TrustZone monitor supporting Power State Coordination Interface (PSCI), Secure Monitor Call Calling Convention (SMC CC)
    • it can be used standalone or complemented with the OKL4 Microvisor in Secure World, Normal World or both, enabling for example, supporting TEE isolation and multi-TEE.
  • virtualization and advanced device driver sharing
    • Cog specializes in embedded virtualization, an increasingly important area which is enabling software reuse, secure partitioning and componentization — which lower overall cost while increasing flexibility.
    • we supply and support the General Dynamics (formerly Open Kernel Labs) ARM Hypervisor – The OKL4 Microvisor and the GD Connect Services communication and driver sharing for best-in-class performance, security and connectivity.
    • nano hypervisor - OKL4 Microvisor Lite. Cog Systems has developed a cut down version of the micro hypervisor for small embedded systems including TEEs and payment systems, automotive and IoT. This small footprint hypervisor runs standalone applications and RTOSs while consuming as few resources as possible and providing strong isolation.
    • we can target all low, mid and high-end ARM processors including: ARMv5, ARMv6, ARMv7 with paravirtualization, and ARMv7ve using ARM's virtualization extensions
  • next generation ARM TrustZone security and isolation
  • system architecture design, analysis and consulting
  • related engineering services and customization


Our team has deep experience and many years experience in OS design and system security. In fact, our founders design and developed much of the OKL4 Microvisor and related technology.

Looking forward to working with you.